Inhofe Disproves Poverty and Hunger

Inhofe Disproves Poverty and Hunger February 27, 2015

Inhofe Money 3

On Facebook, Chris Code offered the following comment about Senator James Inhofe’s misguided attempt to disprove global warming by holding up a snowball:

This is Republican, science-denier logic for you. What will he ask next? “If poverty is real then where did I get this money? If world hunger is real then where did I get this cheeseburger? “

This seemed to me to deserve to become a meme. Or two.

Inhofe Cheeseburger


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  • Andrew Dowling

    I just don’t understand how anyone with a semblance of education could vote GOP. You don’t like the Democrats? Vote for a 3rd party, write your name in . . anything besides voting for these straight IDIOTS.

    • DW

      They’re not all idiots but you certainly won’t find many MENSA members there either.

    • CoachBoom

      Straight? Quite sure a large number are gay.

      • Andy

        I see what you did there.

  • Adrien Tougas

    Reminds me of another saying; Bombing for peace is like fucking for virginity.

    • If something is made more scarce it tends to become more valuable.

  • Gary