The Gospel of John in a Galaxy Far Far Away

The Gospel of John in a Galaxy Far Far Away February 21, 2015

In a recent blog post, Andrew McGowan suggested that the opening lines of the Gospel of John or the Letter to the Hebrews ought, if transferred into a modern idiom, appear in the characteristic scrolling text that opened the Star Wars films.

I think it is also interesting to ask the reverse question. Fast forwarding into the distant future, can we imagine the Christian story as it is now known continuing to be told, prefaced by words like “A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…”?

I used the online Star Wars Crawl Creator to make the following, using the text of the New Revised Standard Version of John 1:

Gospel of John Star Wars scrolling text

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  • John MacDonald

    I think that after another thousand years of Jesus not returning people will start to get the idea.

    • John MacDonald

      Maybe after another thousand year pass and Jesus has still not returned, Christians will realize He’s not coming back and it will mean the end of Christianity. What a wonderful thing it would be if Christianity could one day be erased from our collective story. The next question is: How do we get rid of Islam?

      • John MacDonald

        “years” lol