Traditions of Eastern Late Antiquity AAR Call for Papers 2015

Traditions of Eastern Late Antiquity AAR Call for Papers 2015 February 25, 2015

Here’s the Call for Papers for the Traditions of Eastern Late Antiquity AAR sessions for the 2015 Annual Meeting. For the AAR meeting in Atlanta, November 2015, we are planning the following sessions:

1) A panel will review Shai Secunda’s new book, The Iranian Talmud: Reading the Bavli in its Sasanian Context (U Penn, 2014). The panelists will be pre-chosen and invited to participate by the steering committee. Shai Secunda will serve as respondent.

2) Our second session will be an open call for papers in our general topic: We will consider all papers that study religious traditions that are rooted in Mesopotamia, Persia, and western Asia, particularly those parts that were outside the Roman cultural reach such as Zoroastrianism, Manichaeism, and Mandaeism in late antiquity.

Please submit proposals to the AAR site

3) We are cosponsoring a session with the SBL Religious Worlds of Late Antiquity group. This session focuses on the concepts of “Christianization” and “Islamification” in Late Antiquity. We are particularly interested in proposals that wed focused examination of specific case studies with broader critical reflection on the terminology, categories, and questions at play within these fields of study.

You can submit to the AAR or the SBL for this session.

4) We are also cosponsoring a session with IQSA in their new Late Antiquity session on pre-Islamic Arabia.
We invite paper proposals for a panel on recent developments in the historiography of Late
Antiquity as it pertains to the Qur’anic milieu in pre-Islamic Arabia or the wider context of the
Roman and Sasanian dominions. We especially encourage submissions that attempt to achieve a broader synthesis of cultural, political, and religious trends beyond the analysis and comparison of textual corpora.

We recommend that you submit directly to IQSA but let us know that you are doing so.

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