Creative Titles Related to the Bible and Science Fiction

Creative Titles Related to the Bible and Science Fiction March 25, 2015

Frauke Uhlenbruch asked on Facebook for some suggestions for titles for an essay on the Bible and science fiction. Here are some of my suggestions:

Biblestar Galactica
The Scriptures of Distant Earth
Where No Interpreter of the Bible Has Gone Before
“Use the Bible, Luke!”
The Book of Fahrenheit 4:51
The Binding of Isaac (Asimov)
From the Book of Chronicles to the Martian Chronicles

Other commenters suggested these:

Brave New Bible
A Scripture Darkly
We can interpret it for you wholesale
The Hitchiker’s Guide to the Old/New Testament

And there’s also “It’s the Bible, Jim, but Not as We Know It.”

What are some others you can think of? I’m always looking out for clever titles that I can use in things that I write and courses I teach…

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