Larry Berhrendt on Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Acts

Larry Berhrendt on Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Acts March 28, 2015

Berhrendt quote RFRA

Larry Behrendt wrote the above words in a comment here on this blog, and I asked for permission to share them with a wider audience. His own blog post “Madness in Indiana” is also important, offering a careful reading of the law that many are discussing, but often in abstraction from the details of what the law actually says.

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  • Well, nowadays, those religious business owners in Indiana who exercise their rights to discriminate against homosexuals aren’t disobeying the law. You happy? I am. I typically support freedom unless it carries a large social cost. And discrimination by business owner is a fine example of such freedom.

    • John Pieret

      Ah, the Lester Maddox school of political freedom! After all, what “large social cost” was there to segregation … until the rest of us began to object?

      • Sigh. Another leftist who can’t distinguish the allowed from the mandated.

  • Michael Wilson

    Harding makes a good point, if Larry’s beef is people breaking the law to discriminate, well now their not. By his reasoning I suppose conscious objectors to the draft should have been imprisoned regardless of their religion. But my main objection is his belief that we should only respect religions we agree with. If Larry doesn’t think your beliefs are sincere, then you get no protection. Our constitution is their not to protect what every body agrees with, but that which is unpopular.

  • xram

    Careful reading of the law? More like the rant of a narrow-minded fundamentalist much more interested in creating hysteria rather than reasoned dialog. And a bigoted rant, at that.

    • Can you please be more specific? It doesn’t sound like you are talking about the post that I linked to.

  • James, thanks for highlighting my comment. I am pleased to stand with you on this issue.

    I’m happy to engage in dialogue with your readers, but as I don’t get most of the comments you’ve received here, I think I’ll focus for the moment on the comments I’ve received on my blog.

    • Oh absolutely. I never intended in sharing this to burden you with feeling the need to reply to comments on it!

      The post has been getting shared quite a bit on Facebook, and so clearly your words resonated with many people. Thank you again!

  • Cuttlefish

    Here are the people this bill protects;

  • Ngoldwe

    I am calling to arms all Indiana residents who peruse this page to organize at your state capital. This is an opportunity that should not go unattended.

    How should we respond? As individuals, not much. BUT as a collective, a lot! First and formost recognize this legislation and others like it being passed in other states for what it is: Dominionist legislation which are attempts at establishing a theocracy.

    Second: understand that Dominionists are fascist Christians that view others that are not like themselves as sub-human undesirables that deserve to be eliminated from society so that they, the Dominionists, can establish a fascist Christian state. This is what they believe: in order for Jesus to return the Apocalypse to occur Christians must occupy seats of government and establish dominion (this is their Dominion Theology) over the Earth and make Biblical Levitical Law THE LAW of the land. There is no room for gays, or atheists, or pagans, nor Christians who are liberal in their paradigm.

    Third: people who oppose Dominionism must pull together and organize. This is a perfect opportunity to do that. If you are planning to demonstrate and protest, underscore and make an emphasis on Dominionism and shine a spotlight on the fact that the people who pushed this legislation and are backing it are Dominioinists trying to establish a theocracy. Not enough people understand that this is truly what is going on. We have got to capture the Media’s attention on this angle of the story because they are not reporting on it for the very reasons of either they do not have a clue about Dominionism. Organize, join together in protests in front of the Indiana State Legislature building and have the word “Dominionism,” “(insert name here) is a Dominionis Christian Fascist,” and “theocracy”
    on your protest signs. Also, if you are given the opportunity of being interviewed by a reporter emphasize the Dominionist nature of this legislation and name names of who is a Dominionist. We have got to call them out and publically mark them as such.

    Fourth, and finally, raise a stink! Follow these Dominionist treasounous bastards who supported that bill and call them out publially and hound them. Call a spade a spade: Dominionists are traitors. Call attention to them at every opportunity and do it often. Occupy and participate in civil disobedience if necessary to get the word out to the wider public. Dominionists must no longer go unnoticed by the wider public in their stealth campaigns. The time for in-your-face oppostion to Dominionism is now. The only proper response to Dominionism is confrontation.