The Humblest Man on Earth

The Humblest Man on Earth March 14, 2015

Humblest man brags about it

Yuriy Stasyuk shared the image above on Facebook. It is poking fun at the idea that Moses wrote the Pentateuch, since Numbers 12:3 says, “Now the man Moses was very humble, more than any man who was on the face of the earth.” 

As Yuriy pointed out, “If Moses really wrote that he is the most humble, he would then be boasting about his humility – so in effect, not being humble, about being humble.”

Someone then responded by offering the following image:

OK I'll write it

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  • scott caulley

    it’s the Heston-NRA image I can’t seem to get past. Was it the Devil who pried the staff out of his cold, dead hands, or was it Joshua?

  • PorlockJunior

    However, it reminds me of an old Zen story (picked up from Paul Reps’s “Zen Flesh, Zen Bones”).

    There was a Zen master in Japan who was especialy humble, a trait much valued in Buddhism. In fact, he was called by a name that meant “He who is humble”.

    A letter from him arrived at another monastery, and one of the monks read the letter and noticed the signature, and was not impressed. “This guy signs his letter ‘He who is humble’! Some humility THAT is.”

    An elder monk corrected him. “He is so humble that he doesn’t see anything special about it; it’s just his name.”

    I like that attitude. I’m not saying it applies to the Moses of the Scriptures, lacking the expertise to make a judgment; but surely it doesn’t to the Moses of Cecil B DeMille. But it could apply to someone.

    A final humility thing, it being late at night: There is a sentiment, popular among certain learned professions such as law and physics (for surgeons there is another popular story) that is summed up in an actual bumper sticker: “When you’re as good as I am it’s hard to be humble.”

    I’ve always wanted to ask, “It wasn’t hard for Einstein. What’s your problem?”