A Riot Is The Language Of The Unheard

A Riot Is The Language Of The Unheard April 28, 2015

MLK on Riots

CBS News has a recording of the speech by Martin Luther King Jr. from which the quote is taken. Morgan Guyton also shared another thought which seemed to me to be worth quoting and sharing:

What is coming into focus for me is the difference between law and order and justice. Law and order describes a world where boundaries remain predictable and inviolable. Windows aren’t broken, traffic isn’t stopped, business as usual hums along. Law and order works for the people who aren’t living in the broken down apartment complex attending the underfunded school system trying to support a family with a service industry job all while being humiliated and physically endangered by authority figures whose job is to keep the system humming by preserving law and order whatever collateral damage is required. Justice is completely different from law and order. Justice is God’s demand for a society that proactively seeks the welfare of all of its citizens, especially those who are crushed by the law and order measures meant to keep the overall system running smoothly. Justice is very uncomfortable for those of us who live very well in the aloofness afforded us by law and order.

Below is another MLK quote, courtesy of NPR Michel, and the San Francisco Bay Area TV Archive has another video recording. And don’t miss the collections of images and conversations that you might not see everywhere.

MLK Urban riots

If you read all the way to the bottom, you deserve more links. And so here is one on life in Baltimore, and another from Jonathan Bernier, whom I usually quote on matters related to the New Testament and history.

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  • Shiphrah99

    Damn. These are good.

  • Which is why there are so many* first-world Black-majority countries, free of the oppression of “the policymakers of White society” (and any trace of “white society”, actually). And why South Africa, the Black-majority country most afflicted by “White society” remains the most developed, by far, Black-majority country on the continent it rests on. And why Black-run cities in America are paradise on Earth. And why the Black-majority countries with the shortest period of White rule are the most* developed.


    • SeriousQ

      You can mock all you care to, but White Supremacy has ruled in America, since its’ founding. “We” have subjugated every other Race that has established itself as less than equal, for the vast majority. God & Jesus would have all Mankind, being their Brother’s keeper, looking out for the welfare of the least among the populace!

      • Translation: America has been majority White since its founding (in 1788). The average U.S. East Asian has a higher income than the average U.S. White -the highest form, I’m sure, of subjugation.

        • SeriousQ

          Thank you, I left it at vast majority, and even though the U.S East Asians are financially superior, that does not translate directly into, an equal Social standing with Average U.S. Whites. It’s all about who we let into our Social Spheres. Sad but true, 🙁

  • “They get that the system created by Euro-Americans is a system of violence”
    -Which is why post-Apartheid South Africa has so much less violence than Apartheid-era South Africa, and there’s so much less violence in Black-run U.S. cities.
    “So they target white property with white language, namely violence.”
    -As though Black-run countries have no violence.
    “The argument of this article is simple: riots work”
    -Thanks, Obama+Missouri and Ferguson Democratic officeholders!
    “And that’s the duty not-secret here: the job of the police is not to
    promote justice and protect order but rather to keep those with more
    melanin in their and less money in their pocket from bothering those in
    -And the evidence for this is…



  • Michael Wilson

    I’ve spent some time reflecting on this issue while riding on a road trip today. I hoped the riot fad had past, but I guess its still a thing. Police abuse will be with us as long as there are police. We should nonetheless look to reduce it.

    King dealt with a different situation than today. I agree though that these are angry people looking for catharsis for their envy of possesions. But we don’t all deserve what we want and the beliefs your oppressed doesn’t mean your oppressed. Case in point, the oppression delusion of conservative evangelicals. The kids looting don’t understand that the CVS is their wealth to or that money comes from productive work. Their parents and leaders have to teach them that and have failed.

    A lot of people have made a point that mass vandalism by whites is not called rioting and thats racist. Ok, but if the violence of sports fans and frat boys is to he called rioting then are we to say there using language of the unheard?

    And aren’t the gang members and traveling anarchists that commit the acts of vandalism using power and violence to victimize the neighborhoods they impoverish? Are they not victamising the people seeking justice for the dead man? The media was discussing this but now attention is on the looters. Will the looters be the ones voting or dilgently pursuing justice, or will they move on to the next thrill? The people in these poor and largely minority neighborhoods often call the police to intervene when criminals harm them. Are they then agents of oppression? Did the anguished mother beating her teenage son for looting simply do the states job in controlling a black person with violence? I think we should not romanticize the rioters.

  • Bill Morgan

    mlk wasn’t slightly racist in some of his comments as given here, was he. Nah.
    The whites have done a terrible job running this country??? Well gee, just wait until the blacks and homosexuals have full control. The country will be so much better off won’t it. Why poverty and riots will automatically disappear overnight.