BTW April 19, 2015

BTW phd040115s

BTW, this comes from @PHDComics. It is a follow-up to another cartoon from there which I shared recently. See also a recent article suggesting that emoticons are not ruining language but revolutionizing it.

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  • Craig Wright

    When I taught high school, a student wanted to call me Mr. W. (my name is Mr. Wright), and I pointed out that it has more syllables.

    • But fewer consonants.

    • An interesting point. I often use “B-W” (for “Baker-Wright”), but it has mostly the same phenomenon (“Baker-Wright” = 3, “B-W” =4).

      So long as people don’t call me just “Baker” (which was never my name), or just “Wright” (which was at least my name before getting married), I tend not to correct them. But I always insist on the full name rather than just half. The hyphen is a connective. Not something that says you can leave part out.

      • I once had someone mention “BW3” at the Society of Biblical Literature conference, and I assumed the reference was to Ben Witherington III, when in fact the person was referring to Buffalo Wild Wings.

  • Greg G.

    I don’t let grammar problems or changes bother me. Complaining about them would be like those who complained about the improper use of “thee” and “thou” a few hundred years ago.