LOST Rewatch: Whatever Happened, Happened

LOST Rewatch: Whatever Happened, Happened April 1, 2015

Jin finds Ben, who had been shot, and brings him back. Juliette operates, but she says Ben needs a real surgeon. Hurley looks at his hand expecting to disappear like Back to the Future, because little Ben is dying and so big Ben can never have brought the, back to the island. Miles says that Ben must be fine because in the future he is alive. Miles says that because of Ben turning that wheel, time isn’t a straight line any more. Hurley asks Miles why Ben wouldn’t remember Sayid having shot him as a child, and Miles says he hadn’t thought of that.

Sawyer asks Jack to help save Ben but Jack refuses. Jack tells Kate he has already saved Benjamin Linus once for Kate, and he doesn’t need to do it again. He suggests that maybe the island wants to fix things itself, and he was just getting in the way. Kate says she liked the old Jack better, but Jack tells Kate that she didn’t like the old him. Kate goes to donate blood to help save Ben. Roger comes in, and confesses that Ben took his keys to set the hostile free, because of him. He said that he thought he was going to be the best father ever.

When Juliet cannot save Ben, she suggests that maybe the Others can help, and so Kate takes Ben to them. Sawyer shows up at the sonic fence to help her. Juliette had said to him that, whoever Ben will grow up to be, it is wrong to let a little kid die. Richard says if he takes him, the boy will never be same again – he will forget this ever happened, and his innocence will be gone, and he will always be one of them. One of the Others says that he should consult with Ellie and Charles, but Richard says that he diesn’t answer to eiher of them. He takes Ben to the temple.

Juliette asks Jack why he came back. He said it is because he was supposed to. She asks what he is supposed to do, and when he says he doesn’t know yet, she tells him she had better figure it out.

We also see Kate, as one of the Oceanic Six, run the errand that Sawyer asked her to. She goes to see Cassidy, and gives her money (supposedly) from Sawyer for Clementine, his daughter. Cassidy is unimpressed. Then we see Kate leave the pier. Aaron says he wants milk, so she takes him to a supermarket. Then suddenly he is gone. Kate runs panicked through the store, and eventually she sees him with a blond woman who looks like Claire from behind. She was just trying to help him find his mother, but Kate is shaken by what happened. Kate goes to see Clementine. She says she expected that someone would take Aaron, and asks her why. Clementine suggests it is because she took Aaron, not because Claire left him but because Kate needed him. Kate then goes to see Claire’s mother, and tells her that Claire is alive. She leaves Aaron with her, saying she is going back to find her daughter.

On Hydra island in the present day, Ben wakes up to see John Locke looking at him, and say “Hello Ben. Welcome back to the land of the living.”

The discussion of time travel is insightful as well as comical. And the exploration of the effects of the temple which save but also potentially transform an individual will be relevant in the next season, when the underlying conflict on the island is revealed and comes to a head, in a way that cuts across simple dichotomies of good vs. evil in ways that, with the benefit of hindsight, we can see that LOST was doing all along.






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