Even on Social Media

Even on Social Media May 21, 2015

Golden Rule applies even on social media

"Right. No Israelite should backhand slap another Israelite because it dishonors them, no matter what ..."

Jesus and Nonviolent Resistance
"Apparently only poor Israelites, foreign slaves can be disrespected all you like."

Jesus and Nonviolent Resistance
"Isn’t the point in the Talmud that even the poor should not be disrespected, as ..."

Jesus and Nonviolent Resistance
"I wonder about the applicability of the Mishnah Bava Kamma passage to Jesus' example.It certainly ..."

Jesus and Nonviolent Resistance

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  • I’ve thought of that before, but never in those exact terms. Usually, I respond to people on social media either on how I think they should be treated or on the basis of how they’ve previously treated me. The thing about the Golden Rule is, other people are not you, so it’s kind of hard to figure out what you’d do and how you’d react if you were them. I think my comments, if 100% of them or their equivalents were directed at me, would be mildly grating, but tolerable. Also, arguments with myself might look really viscous.