Which Bible Would Jesus Use?

Which Bible Would Jesus Use? May 2, 2015

Which Bible would Jesus use
The above image, shared on the blog Stuff Fundies Like, illustrates the problem with using “What Would Jesus Do?” as your guiding principle. People tend to assume that the things that they would do are what Jesus would do.

If using the WWJD? principle can’t get you to realize that Jesus wouldn’t use a modern English translation, then you simply don’t know enough about Jesus to implement it correctly.


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  • TomS

    Remember the incident when the disciple said to Jesus, “I carry a Bible with me and read from it constantly, what more can I do?” and Jesus asked him, “But what translation are you using?”

  • Michael Pahl

    The answer to the question is quite simple: “Whichever Bible you are using.” (See Mark 12:18-27.) (Said only somewhat tongue-in-cheek.)

  • Jerry Lynch

    “You diligently study scripture but…”

    Whatever the translation, I take the Bible as a children’s book and unless I “become as a little child” all my interpretations will be off the mark. Forming any system of belief, rather than reading the word as a spirit of action, can cause myopia and a loss of peripheral vision. Jesus becomes small and narrow. An example would be if the story of the Good Samaritan had never made it to the gospels.

    Imagine an itinerant man today, dusty, poor of dress and with a Brooklyn accent (Aramaic, as I understand, was a coarse form of Hebrew), speaking out at Sunday service, a stranger to that assembly. He tells a story of how an evangelical and a member of their denomination passed by an injured man on the road and a Muslim stopped to help, alone demonstrating the love of God and purpose of scripture. The whole congregation would give him a standing ovation, right? Or would they say “That’s not in my translation of the Good Book” and chase him from the church, stoning him with potluck tomatoes and yelling, “False prophet!”?

  • Disciple: What bible would you use, Jesus?
    Jesus: What’s a bible?

  • “Which Bible would He carry under His arm?”

    Well, for one thing, He’d be carrying His Book of Common Prayer into worship. So, you know, the question is quite moot. ;^)

  • DonaldByronJohnson

    He would use the Hebrew Scriptures, the Tanakh. The authors of the gospels seemed to like quoting from the LXX and have Jesus quoting from it often, but sometimes from a Hebrew form.

  • ccws

    But…but…Queen Jim wrote the Bible in English in 1611, and if the Queen’s English is good enough for all those holy people in the Bible, it’s good enough for Jesus! /snark

    p.s. LOL at the visual of Jesus carrying around a Tanakh back in the day…just ONE of those scrolls takes at least 2 people to wrangle!

    • sixtus

      Anybody know of any online Tanakh sites in which the text is presented in horizontal-scroll format?

  • Fat_Man

    Targum Onkelos and Targum Jonathan