I’m Not Saying It Was Arians…

I’m Not Saying It Was Arians… June 2, 2015
Ancient Arians

I can’t believe that no one thought to make an “Ancient Arians” meme before now. I suspect that someone created this for Trinity Sunday, which just passed.

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  • Is there a name for the belief that Jesus was an uncreated being, but subordinate to the Father?

    • Other than “subordinationism,” not that I can think of.

    • James Matthew

      Yes polytheism with a hierarchy.

      It would mean YHWH is a more powerful god than the god Logos/Jesus who serves him.

  • John Thomas

    Personally, I have lot of sympathy for Arius. I believe that he was arguing from the prevailing Jewish tradition. For example, Philo of Alexandria treated ‘logos’ as a creative principle created by God before creation of world through which God created and ordered the universe, most likely inspired from Proverbs 8:22 onwards. But he placed logos in a lower status to God, but probably at a higher status to the angels. So I can see where Arius is coming from when he refused to accept Trinitarian doctrine that Jesus was co-eternal and consubstantial with God the Father. Unfortunately he didn’t seem to have found support for that among his fellow Christian bishops and presbyters.

    • I’m wondering if we think of the Son as the self-image of the Father, if it would solve some problems. It seems that being a mind implies that the mind has a self-image of itself. So if the mind is eternal, then so is its self-image. Yet the self-image is produced or begotten by the mind. So the Son would be co-eternal with the Father, while also begotten by the Father.

      • John Thomas

        I believe that one could argue that way also.

        • I think it leads to Subordinationism, which I think is heretical. But it’s a heresy I’m currently tempted to entertain.