One God, One…Wait, What?!

One God, One…Wait, What?! June 8, 2015

One God one Bible

I’m not sure whether this proves that saying “one God” plus one of something else does not imply the divinity of whoever or whatever is mentioned alongside God, or whether this proves the opposite. But it is an interesting addition to the words of Scripture, ironically highlighting the unbiblical character of King James onlyism in the process.

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  • Scott Pfitzinger

    I always wonder how many KJV-only people have actually seen a 1611 version. I have a facsimile version of the 1611 and I think those people would be appalled to learn that the 1611 KJV included the deuterocanonical books often call The Apocrypha. I doubt they ever quote from Tobit or 2 Maccabees or the Book of Wisdom.

    • Jon-Michael Ivey

      I too have a 1611 facsimile, given to be my my grandfather shortly before he died. He was a Southern Baptist deacon who was way more Fundamentalist than I like, but he did reject the KJV-only-ism of many of his friends. He had bought several of those facsimiles several years earlier to give away to the staunchest KJV-only types he knew, to prove that they were never KJV only types at all. Most of them had great trouble reading the old fashioned inconsistent spellings. My grandmother said that just looking at a page for a couple seconds gave her a horrible headache.

  • Every jot and every tittle of the KJV 1611 is the pure words of God. Even the italicized words are inspired by God. There is only one true Bible through which English speaking can be saved. The KJV is the only Bible not corrupted by humans. How do I know this? Why I compared the KJV 1611 to the NIV and the words in the NIV are different!!!! See James, that’s proof of which Bible is the one true infallible inerrant inspired compendium of the very words of God.

    All your education James, yet you do not know these things? My pastor told me all these things, and since he is the man of God I know they are true. He can’t read Greek or Hebrew, but he can read English and since the true word of God is in English that’s all he needs to know.

    You’ve been blinded by your worldly education, James and unless you repent thou shalt perish and go to hell, a place where the worm dieth not and the fire is not quenched. Understandeth what thou resdest, James?

    • “Understandest thou what thou readest…?”

      If thou wouldst use Elizabethan English, pray thee use it properly! 😉

      • I tried to quote from memory. I have now committed the worst sin possible. I have the changed the word of God. 🙂

        Funny how it all made sense when I was surrounded by fellow pastors, professors, and conference speakers who all thought exactly the same way.

        20+ years before I became an atheist I stumbled upon a list of differences between the 1611 KJV and the 1769 KJV, which is the version most King James Only adherents use. When I saw that they had actually made word changes, not just spelling or grammar corrections, but word changes, I knew that what I believed about the 1611 was not true.

        It was another decade before I stopped using the KJV. I started using the NKJV, then the NASB, and finally the ESV, which fit well with my Calvinistic theology. My using other translations was proof to my former KJVO friends that I was a liberal. In their mind, my atheism is proof of what happens when you stop believing the 1611 KJV is the the perfect, inspired word of God.

        It is a pernicious belief system that shuts the believer off from reason and common sense. Yet, I know a small thing like a list of differences between the 1611 and 1769 can cause someone to doubt their certainty. I know it did for me. I showed the same list to a colleague of mine and he told me that no matter what I showed him he was going to, by faith, believe the KJV is the perfect, inspired word of God. Decades later he is still a true believer.

  • histrogeek

    Absolutely. I’ll go one step further only the 1631 edition can truly be considered cannonic (a.k.a the Wicked Bible,

    You know it’s inspired because the printer was persecuted for spreading the Word of God.