Spiritual Agoraphobia

Spiritual Agoraphobia June 12, 2015

Spiritual Agoraphobia white lettering

The quote comes from my blog post “Spiritual Agoraphobia” from a few years ago.

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  • John Thomas

    Spiritual agarophobia – That is an excellent term to describe the mindset of fundamentalist evangelicals. Personally for me, learning from other belief systems like Stoicism, Advaita Vedanta etc has broadened the possibilities of understanding Christian concepts like Trinity, dual nature of Christ, various verses in the gospel of John. But when I say that to my Evangelical friends, they immediately dismiss it as a heresy and no Christian believed in such understanding for last 2000 years or Bible does not teach it etc. It is truly unfortunate. It seems to me stem from a disposition to cling on to narrow defines of dogma and what need to be considered orthodox and unwillingness to open one’s minds to wider and wholesome truth.

  • Here is Christianity Today, putting up walls against marriage equality, just this week: