If The Princess Bride Were Remade Today

If The Princess Bride Were Remade Today July 2, 2015

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The image is from Jeff Carter. I try to make this blog an exception to the classic blunder mentioned in the updated movie dialogue. The image is funny because we can all relate to it. And so it is also sad. Serious, profound, deep discussion has taken place on the internet, and continues to do so. We may not be able to have all online discussion be great, or even tolerable – OK, we might not even be able to ensure that participants in all online conversations are recognizable as humans who learned manners of some sort when they were children. But as long as we ensure that there are some places where commenting and discussing are not a classic blunder, where trolls are kept at bay and thoughtful posts are appreciated, hopefully that will be enough.

How do you think commenting is on this blog? What could I/we do better? What have you found to be keys to having comments discussions online that are just like in-person human conversation, and nothing worthy of mention in The Princess Bride?

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