New Trailers – Doctor Who and Mockingjay

New Trailers – Doctor Who and Mockingjay July 9, 2015

Doctor Who returns to television in September. But Comic Con usually offers teasers for upcoming seasons and movies, and this year is no exception. IO9 shared this trailer, which really does make the upcoming season hard to wait for:

The BBC Doctor Who blog breaks down the trailer and highlights lots of details, while IO9 has more details about things Peter Capaldi and others said about the show at the Comic Con panel.

There was also a new commercial at Comic Con for Mockingjay Part 2, which IO9 shared, along with details from Jennifer Lawrence’s panel:

The former seems to me far more engaging than the latter, but I’m eagerly looking forward to both the new season of Doctor Who and the new Hunger Games movie.

Are you?

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  • Just Sayin’

    What I really would love to be looking forward to would be another series of Real Humans, the original Swedish version with English subtitles (I know Americans don’t like subtitles).

    For me, this series considers far more interesting theological, philosophical and social questions than Doctor Who or The Hunger Games. The episode in which one of the “hubots” talks to the lesbian vicar about the Bible is a particular favourite of mine. If you haven’t seen it, Dr. McGrath, you should!

    • Sounds like it would be worth looking at – and learning more Swedish in order to appreciate it properly, if necessary!

  • We should collaborate. I’m a die-hard whovian!

  • Shiphrah99

    Can we pleeeeze be done with Clara?

  • Dorfl

    The Mockingjay trailer definitely does a good job capturing the book’s feeling of “Uuh… Are these people actually good people, or a bunch of pseudofascists whose main redeeming trait is that they’re not the Capitol?”

    • Gary

      Yes. First thought for me, “Director, Leni Riefenstahl.”