Do All Creatures Go To Heaven?

Do All Creatures Go To Heaven? August 9, 2015

All creatures go to heaven

Too often people accept concepts and ideas without ever taking the time to think through the implications.

From Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal. HT Jerry Coyne.

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  • David Evans

    I think providing an artificial microbiome would not stretch God’s abilities unduly. Or perfectly digestible food, come to that.
    Or, simply, only useful animals go to Heaven.

    • Nick G

      ..and of course we’re very useful to guinea worms, as their only possible hosts!

    • Phil Ledgerwood

      Only cute animals go to Heaven.

      • Oh good! Because tardigrades are adorable!

      • ccws

        Guess I’m home free then. 🙂

  • Darach Conneely

    Perhaps our microbiome will be like the angels’ in heaven and neither undergo meiosis nor give in meiosis.

  • David Cohen

    Who says we will need to eat in Heaven?

    • Well, if we don’t get to have chocolate, how could it be heaven?

      • David Cohen

        $#@! it, I hate talking myself into corners

      • ccws

        Dark bittersweet chocolate. And wine.

  • Nick G

    I once got involved in a long online argument (I think this was on the site God of Evolution) with a rather unorthodox Christian, who insisted that all organisms except some people go to heaven, where they get to fulfil their nature. I pointed out that it was quite invidious to exclude haploid members of our species – and he was prepared to add every one of the trillions of spermatozoa the average man produces over a lifetime to the heavenly roster! How they all get to fertilise an ovum which develops into one or more adults was not specified.

  • Phil Ledgerwood

    The e. coli are definitely not going to heaven; they provide empirical evidence of evolution.

  • Why isn’t anybody worried about the plants?

    And will we get to meet the all the animals that we devoured when we get to heaven?

    Of course, I do think that the conversation about how we treat animals in this life is far more important than their imaginary afterlife.

  • Gary

    I want to be the first to state that as a conscientious objector, I refuse to go to heaven if my cats and dogs cannot accompany me. “HELL NO! I WON’T GO!”