Happy Birthday, George Enescu

Happy Birthday, George Enescu August 19, 2015

Romanian composer and violinist George Enescu was born on this day in 1881. To mark the occasion, I’ve shared his Symphony No.3 above. But he is best known for his Romanian Rhapsodies, and so if you are new to his music, or to 20th century orchestral music, that might be a more accessible introduction. Why not just go to YouTube, type in Enescu, and explore?

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  • Elmer Ewing

    George Enescu conducted and played at the first symphony concert I ever attended. It was in 1949, and I was a freshman at the U of Illinois. When he came on stage I thought he was very old and that his body was considerably misshapen, but when he put the violin under his chin and started to play, his entire appearance was transformed. It was as if he and his instrument were all made of one piece. Thank you for reminding me of his birthday.

    • Wow, what a privilege! Thanks for sharing your experience here!