Once Upon a Universe

Once Upon a Universe August 29, 2015

I hadn’t heard this song by Jake Heggie before today. It depicts God as a child creating, despite admonishments from his mother. The video features mezzo-soprano Kara Cornell. I’m not sure I’ve seen anyone discuss its theology, and so I thought I would share it here and invite discussion!

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  • Ian

    I can’t remember if it was a short story or a poem, but I remember reading something as an undergrad that put the change of tone between OT and NT in these terms. In Genesis, God is a petulant child who destroys the world (knocks his blocks over), from the period of Conquest to Kingdom he becomes a violent young man wanting his team to destroy all others, and eventually, when he became a father to a precious son, mellowing and nurturing.

    A bit of searching isn’t finding anything (maybe I dreamed it), but that image has stayed with me.