Conference BINGO

Conference BINGO September 14, 2015

The American Academy of Religion Facebook page suggested that there might be a need for conference bingo, rather like the “first faculty meeting of the year” bingo that was recently featured in the Chronicle. I thus created the cards below. They should work at most conferences, and not just the ones I attend like AAR and SBL. If you decide to print them off and play, let me know!

Conference Bingo 7 Conference Bingo 6 Conference Bingo 8 Conference Bingo 9 Conference Bingo 10 Conference Bingo 2 Conference Bingo 1 Conference Bingo 3 Conference Bingo 4 Conference Bingo 5

Made using this online BINGO card generator.

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  • arcseconds

    funnily enough, I was just thinking maybe we should have ‘mythicist bingo’, which is essentially what I’m playing with pofarmer over on atheology at the moment.