Not My Cross, But My Monkeys

Not My Cross, But My Monkeys September 4, 2015

I appreciated the convergence of these two cartoons in my feed today.

Kim Davis not my cross


The first came to my attention via Ted Herrlich. The second is by David Hayward, who also made a similar point in an earlier cartoon:


"Absolute money.But it's true that this was not the only emphasis."

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  • Phil Ledgerwood

    Monkeys, eh? How dare you show God condoning evolution! And why are there still monkeys, huh? Answer me THAT. KJV only, Authorized Version! Peace out!

  • I’m dismayed by how many Republican presidential hopefuls are playing into the myth of Kim Davis as martyr. A martyr for bigotry.

    What’s often lost on the public is that she could have avoided jail time by agreeing to allow her deputy clerks to issue the licenses. She’s not making a decision for herself – she’s holding her entire office and county hostage to her own religious belief. We have freedom of religion in this country. Not freedom to force our own religion onto others.

  • Gary

    Kim Davis, just let go!