Proof Young-Earth Creationists Don’t Care What the Bible Says

Proof Young-Earth Creationists Don’t Care What the Bible Says September 3, 2015


The Institute for Creation Research recently shared the above image on Facebook, claiming that Jesus quotes from Genesis more often than any other book in the Old Testament. That claim is verifiably false.

This is a clear example of them (1) assuming that what is central to them simply must have been important to Jesus, (2) not bothering to actually check, (3) asserting as truth what they have not in fact investigated, and (4) not knowing the Bible well enough to have avoided making this mistake in the first place. This sums up the characteristics of young-earth creationism as a whole very well.

Joel Duff blogged about this recently. RJS also has a nice post on the Jesus Creed blog which discusses this in more detail. It included this nice list of the quotations and allusions to the Jewish Scriptures found on the lips of Jesus in the Gospel of Matthew.

The Biblia blog also has a top 4 list.

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