The Good Samaritan (Stay On Your Toes)

The Good Samaritan (Stay On Your Toes) September 10, 2015

Bors Good Samaritan ISIS

Via Daily Kos. Sometimes satire makes a point better than any other approach could.

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  • Phil Ledgerwood

    It’s a brilliant plan, really. Syria stages a war to plausibly get Syrian refugees into other key countries. When the Shemitah ends, they reveal themselves to be Decepticons.

  • Remember, kids, there’s no water in Turkey. Or Bulgaria. Or, for that matter, Israel. There’s only milk and honey, there, you know.

    And “stay on your toes” is a good plan. The Great Satan has great designs for the countries under its rule.

  • If people want to make the Open Borders argument, they should at least make it honestly, and not hide behind pictures of dead children in a warlike middle income country that isn’t being hurt by its own war in its own territory, or use random anecdotes.

    • Michael Wilson

      I’m dubious of the push to let in more “refugees.” Starting with calling them refugees. Your right in your quip about Turkey, the Syrians are refugees there, when the go to Hungary they are migrants. They already escaped danger, they are now looking to settle down for a better life. Hungary isn’t well off to begin with. And let’s not forget how few muslim nations are interested in resettlement for Syrians. The west must aid Turkey in providing for Syrian refugees but it isn’t obligated to relocate people who have given up on reclaiming their home quite yet, at least listen to the people they will be moved in with in the poor neighborhoods of Europe. If the Icelanders want to open their homes, then God Bless them, but lets not judge tge skeptical to harshly

      • I think it’s a good idea to relocate all Turkish refugees to southern Bulgaria, but no further. Turkey’s the nation mostly responsible for the war, so it’s best to deprive it of any demographic support. Aiding Turkey is an even worse idea. I’m not sure how much aid to give to the refugees; I suggest enough to keep them from eating grass, but low enough so they have incentives to work.