Jesus’ Gender Identity

Jesus’ Gender Identity October 31, 2015

Jesus and Gender Identity

PZ Myers and Hemant Mehta both shared excerpts from the cartoon from which the above is also a small section. Since many people would find the idea of Jesus as transgender or intersex to be horror-inducing, this seemed appropriate to share for Halloween…

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  • I think the problem may be with the old catholic fixation on the word “virgin”. Clearly, the Holy Spirit “came upon” Mary with a Y chromosome, making Joseph the holy cuckold. Just like Zeus came upon Alcmene with is his Olympian Y chromosome. Unless Hercules was transgender, too ….

    Gee, I wonder what the rest of the Holy Spirit’s genome looks like?

    • histrogeek

      Well, aside from the Holy Spirit being a touch ineffable so “genome” is not quite right, the nearest Hebrew equivalent to the Holy Spirit is the Holy Wisdom, which is pretty consistently described as female. So Jesus is the result of a conception between a female human and a non-human female. So the trans/inter gender stays. And Jesus is the result of a dual female pairing.

      Let the fundie heads explode. Oh yeah.

  • John MacDonald

    Maybe Jesus was gay, which is why he was never married. Maybe this is why Paul values abstaining from sex, because it was done in imitation of how Jesus lived his life.

    • … but if Jesus was gay, his love may not have been unrequited. Don’t forget the disciple whom Jesus loved, the one who leaned against his bosom at the last supper, who Jesus asked to care for his mother like a son, who ran with Peter to the empty tomb, and of whom Peter appears to be jealous in John 21:21.

      Just imagine Jesus sitting at the last supper with a man “whom Jesus loved” leaning back against his chest, as it’s described in John 13. Not sure how that would have looked at the time, but it would look pretty gay today.

      • John MacDonald

        Spong has long argued that Paul was a closeted, self hating homosexual/ that this was the thorn in his flesh: “Because
        of the surpassing greatness of the revelations, for this reason, to
        keep me from exalting myself, there was given me a thorn in the flesh, a messenger of Satan to torment me– to keep me from exalting myself! (2 Cor 12:7).” This is why Paul ranted against Homosexuals

        • Neko

          He might have been; who knows? Regardless, presumably a zealous Pharisee would be inclined to anti-homosexual sentiment.

    • Erp

      We probably don’t know enough about marriage stats for the area (Nazareth and similar small villages near the sea of Galilee); what age did most men marry, what percentage of men married, etc., but, being a man sexually attracted to other men would be way down on the list of reasons for not getting married. More likely he was too poor or too eccentric or the ratio of men to women was too high so some men wouldn’t be getting married. It is also possible he was a widower and never remarried.

    • Neko

      We don’t know whether Jesus was ever married.