Syriac Summer School

Syriac Summer School October 10, 2015

VHMML has added a range of resources to its website, including a school for learning to read Syriac manuscripts. Byzantine News shared news about the summer school HMML and Dumbarton Oaks will be holding this summer.

Tony Burke blogged about the critical edition of the Syriac Infancy Gospel of Thomas that he has been working on.

Of related interest, see also the conversation about Late Antiquity involving Ellen Muehlberger, Anthony Kaldellis, and Philip Rousseau in Marginalia.

There is a wealth of material that is only just starting to get the attention it deserves in English language scholarship, relating not just to Eastern Christianity, but also the church in South India, the Manichaeans, and more. If you are a grad student looking to set yourself apart, or a scholar looking to branch out into something new, diving into Syriac will be well worth your while.

Syriac Manichaean British Library





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