Critique of Pure Welding

Critique of Pure Welding November 13, 2015

Critique of Pure Welding

It seems that everyone is aware that Marco Rubio’s statement about welders making more than philosophers was simply wrong. It also ignored facts such as that students study philosophy as groundwork for law school and other highly-paid careers. But most worrying about the statement is the way it seeks to antagonize two groups in society for political ends, and to denigrate the kind of education that is likely to lead one to look closely at claims made by politicians. And so finding the flaws in Rubio’s claim, recognizing what motivated it, knowing how to research the truth or falsehood of it, are all reasons why being broadly educated, including in philosophy, is so important, for those in welding and other vocations as well as everyone else.

But at least we got some amusing memes and images as a result of Rubio’s statement…

Jean-Jacquer Rubio quote


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