They Will Know We Are Christians

They Will Know We Are Christians November 10, 2015

They will know we are Christians by our coffee cups

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  • Phil Ledgerwood

    And little fish on back of our cars. Love and the little fish car thingies.

  • Nimblewill

    They’ll know us by the t-shirts that we wear
    They’ll know us by the way we point and stare
    At anyone whose sin looks worse than ours
    Who cannot hide the scars of this curse that we all bare
    They’ll know us by our picket lines and signs
    They’ll know us by the pride we hide behind
    Like anyone on earth is living right
    And isn’t that why Jesus died
    Not to make us think were right
    When love, love, love
    Is what we should be known for
    Love, love, love
    Its the how and it’s the why
    We live and breathe and we die
    They’ll know us by reasons we divide
    And how we can’t seem to unify
    Because weve gotta sing songs a certain style
    Or well walk right down that aisle
    And just leave em all behind
    They’ll know us by the billboards that we make
    Just turning Gods words to cheap clichs
    Says what part of murder don’t you understand?
    But we hate our fellow man
    And point a finger at his grave
    They’ll know us by the t-shirts that we wear
    They’ll know us by the way we point and stare
    Telling em their sins are worse than ours
    Thinking we can hide our scars
    Beneath these t-shirts that we wear

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  • Rob B.

    Does anyone else get the feeling that the list given above is just telling Christians to keep their love private so that no one else is offended by it? Part of loving as a Christian is sharing it with the world at large, whether it’s praying the Rosary in front of abortion clinics (“public prayer”), explaining and promoting Christian teachings through the media (“Christian movies/music/apparel”), standing up for Christian virtues in the political arena (“political affiliation”), or standing up against society’s making a virtue out of sin (“intolerance”). All this list seems to say is that one should love in a lukewarm fashion…

    • I am sure that there will be others that will take this as you did. But love cannot be private, and wearing clothing with slogans or praying outside an abortion clinic are not expressions of love. There are certainly ways that those who love the women who feel they have no choice but to get an abortion could show care and concern, but a rosary outside a clinic isn’t it.

      • Rob B.

        Why can’t it be? There are stories of women seeking abortions who have changed their minds by seeing people praying the rosary outside of clinics. Isn’t that a reaction to an act of love? Now I agree that such acts as I describe need to be done in a proper spirit, but the acts are still important, aren’t they?

        It seems to me that such a list plays into the Enemy’s hands by defining love as an essentially passive, limp-wristed thing with no effect in the “real world,” that it’s something Christians should do at home or in church on Sundays. If one is truly a Christian, that love should be evident in his entire life, including the things so casually dismissed above.

        • I find it interesting that you find this restatement of Jesus’ own teaching so at odds with your own allegedly Christian faith, that it seems to have a diabolical origin. That suggests that you may need to revisit the teaching of Jesus, what he said about love as well as about public displays of faith. The latter are far easier than the former, and so it is no surprise that we gravitate towards and prefer them. That, it seems to me, is what Christians need to be vigilant about.

          • Rob B.

            Christ prayed both in public and in private, Dr. McGrath. His concern was the spirit in which prayer and other holy acts were performed, not the location. Perhaps we both need to revisit Scripture…

        • Neko

          Yeah, how many millions of rosaries have been offered to end abortion? They do not seem to have had much of an effect. You know what has been successful in reducing the number of abortions? Birth control. But the Catholic Church condemns artificial birth control as “intrinsically evil.”

          • Rob B.

            Which came first in this country, my dear Neko, birth control or legalized abortion?
            Also, do want to know what prevents pregnancies 100% of the time? It’s not the Pill, or condoms, or IUDs. It’s sexual self-control. But try preaching that in our society, which values sterility and pleasure above all things. It’s so much more comfortable to practice “safe sex” and then deal with the “little problems” that invariably come up.

          • Neko

            Well, tough. The United States isn’t subject to Rome, thank God. Given the Church was complicit in an international conspiracy to protect child abusers it has little moral authority to inveigh against the hanky panky. And given the national consensus that abortion should remain legal but limited the church could deal with reality by at least relaxing its ridiculous culture war against birth control. Rather the bishops squander widows’ mites on costly political battles to insinuate Catholic theology into national policy.

            This business of praying the rosary outside abortion clinics has little to do with love and much to do with self-gratifying public piety. Dr. McGrath is right.

          • Rob B.

            Well, I see that the truth hurts. It’s obvious from your rage here that you don’t want the Church to merely “relax” its views on birth control or anything else; you want her to roll over and show her belly and stop pricking consciences in the public domain. Please, just be honest about that; you’ll feel a lot better…

          • Neko


  • David Evans

    I agree with the spirit of this post. It’s good advice for Christians and, mutatis mutandis, for anyone. However I would be peeved if someone observing me acting in a loving manner said “I just know he’s a Christian”. Christians do not have a monopoly of love.