Highway to the Manger Zone

Highway to the Manger Zone December 10, 2015

Highway to the Manger Zone

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  • arcseconds

    under such provocation, I’m unable to refrain from posting this:

    (warning: somewhat graphic cartoon violence)


  • Not the worst ear worm in the world…

  • John MacDonald

    The manger always reminds me of my youth and the Christmas play at school. I wonder if it will one day be illegal to take children to church because it will be considered brainwashing?

    • Ah, yes. The Christmas play at my public school, when my little Jewish friend was told sit in the corner of the break-room by himself during rehearsals, since he wouldn’t participate in the story of Christian virgin.

      But don’t worry about your Church. The U.S. government doesn’t tell churches what to preach. Only public schools, where everybody’s taxes count, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, atheist, and all.