Sacred Cows become Golden Calves

Sacred Cows become Golden Calves December 7, 2015

Golden Calves and Sacred Cows

I like this cartoon, since it takes an idol worshiped by many who claim to be Christians, and relates it to another idol mention in the Bible which they would never worship. Hopefully it will make some such individuals think. But it would be unfair not to point out that there are differences as well as similarities.
Worshiping the golden calf didn’t lead to nearly as many deaths.

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  • Nobody’s worshiping guns; James, they’re just not interested much in restricting their sale. It’s not a high priority. They don’t treat guns as Satan.

    • Matthew Funke

      If we refer to worship as adoring reverence or regard, there certainly *are* a fair number worshiping guns (or their sale). Even if they don’t consciously classify guns as sacred objects, they revere and regard access to them as more important than, say, the cost in human life represented by such unfettered access.

      How should we classify reverence for something as more valuable than human life, if not worship?

      • You’re thinking gross; not net. Think net. I always suggest thinking how your opponent thinks.

        • Matthew Funke

          “Thinking net” as you advocate it seems to involve lying to oneself about what one adores, as measured by what one actually prioritizes.

          Perhaps there is not a conscious desire to think of guns as sacred, but if they take higher priority than things *actually* revered as sacred, then doesn’t it pragmatically work out to be the same thing? Why should that fail to be a consideration if one “thinks net”? There seems to be something I’m missing.

    • Sure. Nobody thinks guns are a high priority.

      “I’ll give you my gun when you pry it from my cold, dead hands” National Rifle Association

      • Didn’t say noone thinks guns are a high priority; I said people not being interested in restricting them doesn’t make them worshipers of guns.

        • You said, “Nobody’s worshiping guns; they’re just not interested much in restricting their sale. It’s not a high priority.”

          Your words. What’s not a high priority?

  • Dan

    I am an atheist and I do not even understand what worshipping a gun is supposed to be. But I do cherish all of the bill of rights, not just those that jibe with liberal values. I am a card carrying member of both the ACLU and the NRA (and even the American Humanist Association, cause atheism), and I will defend the 2nd amendment with as much vigor as the 1st.

    In a way, the cartoon is apt. According to ancient near eastern archaeologists, the story of the sacred cow (the molten calf to be exact, Exodus 32:4) is a myth and not a real event in history. And the “glorification of the gun” is also more of a myth, an expression of frustration of gun grabbers, present company included, to curtail gun rights.

  • Phil Ledgerwood

    Not only were there fewer deaths, but the bull was a legit symbol for El. The revolver is not a great symbol for Jesus.

  • Surely, all the people pictured are members of a “well-regulated militia”.