Too Bad The House of One Probably Won’t Have A Bar

Too Bad The House of One Probably Won’t Have A Bar December 14, 2015

My attention was drawn to the plan to build a combined church/mosque/synagogue in Berlin, to be called the “House of One.” I suspect that it will not have a bar, given Muslim opposition to alcoholic beverages. But it’s a pity, because there is so much potential for them to use jokes about a priest, a rabbi, and an imam walking into a bar to promote the site.

What do you make of this endeavor?


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  • “A rabbi, a priest and an imam walk into a juice bar …”

    Yeah, that works for me.

  • guest

    It’s an interesting experiment, to be sure. I hope it works out well for them.

    It would be nice if there was a fourth space where they could come together to pray or chat, but I guess they can do that in the entrance.

    I’d like to see the reaction of rapture-tarian nuts to this. I imagine it wouldn’t be positive.