Wipf and Stock Holiday Discount

Wipf and Stock Holiday Discount December 13, 2015

Wipf and Stock discount

Wipf and Stock has published a lot of great books, including some that I have been involved with. You know about Religion and Science Fiction and Religion and Doctor Who: Time and Relative Dimensions in Faith. But as Dustin Smith pointed out on his blog, they have also just released The Son of God: Three Views on the Identity of Jesus, to which I contributed the preface. In it an advocate for each of the three views represented in the book – Trinitarian, Arian, and Socinian – seeks to make the case for the exegetical conclusions which correlate to their theological perspective.

Dale Tuggy will probably blog about that book soon. In the meantime, he has lots of related posts, such as this one on how to be a monotheistic Trinitarian. And he is giving away a copy to one lucky winner who leaves the most creative comment on a recent Facebook post of his!

Son of God three views cover

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