Atheism: Good Enough for Some Idiots

Atheism: Good Enough for Some Idiots January 22, 2016

Atheism Idiots

When I came across this meme, I simply couldn’t believe my eyes. The image is labeled “ATHEISM: Good enough for these idiots” – yet it includes famous people who were Deists, agnostics, and a pantheist, as well as at least a couple of individuals whose beliefs are simply unclear.

I am happy to say that, as far as this meme is concerned, there was significant debunking thereof right in the atheism subreddit, a full seven years ago.

And yet it continues to circulate right down to the present day. And so it illustrates the issue that confronts us all, namely that one can address misinformation over and over and over again, and yet it can prove impossible to actually bring it to an end.


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