Clone Wars in the Classroom

Clone Wars in the Classroom January 11, 2016


I recently came across some Star Wars lego images about classroom education, and wanted to share them. Click through were more like the above came from.

There was also an interesting article in the Chronicle that could be filed under “treating students like clones,” in which students complained about faculty who offer one-size-fits-all lectures to students. Here is what I wrote on Facebook when I shared the article:

I appreciate what these students have to say, about the fact it is not the lecture format that is the problem. What I don’t hear from them is recognition that engagement with the material is the responsibility of the learner, although I fully recognize that some things professors do will facilitate student learning better than others. But faculty do things which require student participation only if students consistently participate. I fall back on lecturing when I look to students to ask, discuss, suggest, observe, and in other ways interact, and am met with silence or, worse still, avoidance of my gaze betraying that reading and other preparation has not been done which needed to be done for discussion to be possible.


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