Welcome to the Blogosphere, Josh!

Welcome to the Blogosphere, Josh! January 8, 2016

My former student Josh Boeke has started a blog, and his first post tells a bit about his own personal faith journey away from fundamentalism. I get a brief mention on it, and on the one hand, it makes me really wish that he and I had had more of a chance to continue the conversation he mentions, but on the other hand, it reinforces to me that sometimes the most important thing we do is not to provide helpful answers to questions that people are asking, but just to listen in a way that lets them know it is not merely OK, but welcome, for them to voice the questions.

Click through to read more. In his post, Josh shared an image with a quote from C. S. Lewis which addresses precisely the same problem that was highlighted by a recent study of the phenomenon of echo chambers on Facebook.


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