Being Right vs. Doing Right

Being Right vs. Doing Right February 20, 2016

Fundamentalism is an obsession with getting ideology right Stollar

The quote comes from a post by R. L. Stollar, focused on the question of whether it is possible to debate a fundamentalist productively, but also what leads fundamentalists to want to engage in those unproductive debates in the first place. Here’s the immediate context of the quote in the meme image:

At the root of these various fundamentalism is, I believe, a mindset that values ideology over people.

Fundamentalism is an obsession with getting ideology right, rather than a dedication to doing right by people.

This is why, then, defending the fundamentals is the number one value to a fundamentalist. It is more important to a fundamentalist Christian to convince people that young earth creationism is true than it is to actually go and do work Jesus commanded. It is more important to a fundamentalist atheist to convince people that Jesus never existed than it is to actually go and live a more compassionate life than a fundamentalist Christian.

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  • Phil Ledgerwood

    I have to admit, articles like this are challenging for me.

    I am an ex-fundamentalist (first Baptist, then OPC), and I may slip into that category the article alludes to as ex-fundamentalists who are fundamentalists about it. I, too, find myself eager for the debate and winning more than caring about the other person. It is an ongoing struggle that I frequently lose.

    But I am trying and I appreciate articles like this that give me a wake up call that this is a frame of mind that can infect even the best of ideas.

    • charlesburchfield

      hey phil! good topic yes! increasingly I have been loath to engage with peeps on a blogs who are acting like pressurized salespeople. they have reasons & wisdom for being that way, I realize, & and I can actually relate to that because I’ve been there and done that. as you might be aware I have my own addiction and recovery issues and feel like I have a first hand experience of understanding that what is at the heart of obsessions is usually early trauma from childhood. when one sees fundamentalist from either stripe on progressive Christian blogs, I follow, my sense is they are awkward, shaming, fear based, embarrassing and invasive. something is essentially missing from their humanity and that, I think, is empathy. I sense that they are missing wisdom that comes fr loving others that can inform one’s way of living in peace in the world. do you think maybe they are coming to us progressives in a desperate underhanded way because subconsciously they know that they are becoming more inhumane, traveling a path of darkness and depravity, and are trying to be human, again, with other humans?