Ten Commandments to Avoid Extinction

Ten Commandments to Avoid Extinction February 7, 2016

A provocative video by Michael Dowd. Don’t just fast forward to the commandments, as interesting and as important as they are. The introduction is also full of great insights and memorable quotes.

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  • Provocative indeed! I wholeheartedly agree with most of what the video says, for the sake of humanity, but I do not cross the line of essentially calling nature “god”. I must admit that it makes me **very** uneasy…

  • By any standard, future generations will be wealthier than we are now.
    Like it or not, the past has been filled with techno-fixes. There’s no
    reason to expect them to disappear or cease being created. Use of
    resources now instead of later is just redistribution from the future to
    the present, from the rich to the poor. So to fulfill #10, one would
    have to ignore the rest of the commandments. And it’s bizarre to be
    concerned about future generations and overpopulation at the same time,
    especially given that a higher population has generally not had any
    clear detrimental effect on human welfare. What should be focused on is
    not the quantity of people, but the quality of people.

    And it’s laughable to say the present economic measures reward pollution. Carbon dioxide emissions per unit of GDP have been declining since at least the 1970s.

    I’m an atheist, so I call all this bizarre nature-worship at the expense of man in the present idolatry. I totally disagree with #4 and #5 and #9. And man is not created equal.

    Prehistoric life was anything but a beautiful garden. I suspect there is a strong correlation between per capita GDP and per capita environmentalists.

    The world “sustainable” is unsustainable.

    The video is well-made and presented in style, though.

    It’s also amazing that this dude did not even point out the massive progress man has made since 1900.