The Big Story

The Big Story February 15, 2016

The above video featuring Rev. Leonard J. Vander Zee offers a very interesting retelling of the Biblical, scientific, and theological stories woven together into a single narrative that has poetry and beauty. In an era when we have many who seem to think that faith invalidates science or vice versa, it is nice to hear someone seeking to creatively offer a new creation narrative, one which – just like the creation accounts in Genesis – doesn’t actually offer either new theology or new scientific knowledge, but seeks to combine the two as they actually exist in the author’s time in a powerful and compelling manner.

What do you think of it? I don’t just mean “Do you agree with Vander Zee’s precise outlook?” but “Do you think Vander Zee does a good job of bringing science and theology together, regardless whether his view is your view or not?”

For more information about the video, please visit the BioLogos website.

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