Do Flat-Earthers Live On The Same Planet We Do?

Do Flat-Earthers Live On The Same Planet We Do? March 29, 2016

Flat-Earthers have been getting more attention lately, for reasons that I cannot quite fathom.

But I will not complain, and here’s why: Jonathan Robinson found a wonderful application for an analogy with those who insist that the Earth is flat. Even though flat-earthers say things about the Earth that are blatantly untrue and clearly wrong, we would nonetheless never deny that the planet we live on together, which they depict so erroneously, is still the same Earth.

And so why do some Christians deny that Muslims, who claim to worship the one true God, the God whom Jews and Christians worship, do indeed worship the same God as they do, however different their conceptions about that God?

If you haven’t quite had your fill of pseudoscience for this evening, do also take a closer look at the “gravity wave truthers.”

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