Flee With Me To Safety!

Flee With Me To Safety! March 17, 2016

Having been blogging about safety and study abroad lately, I was interested to see a study by the Forum on Education Abroad which shows from insurance claim data that students are twice as likely to die on campus in the United States than while studying abroad.

I’ll need to check the details more closely to see whether the amount of time spent in the different locations has been taken into account. If not, then presumably one could still argue that one is somewhat more likely to die in one’s one semester overseas than in one’s other seven in the United States.

But even then, it is worth noting that in general the things that lead to student mortality abroad are the same things that lead to it in most cases in the United States: pre-existing medical conditions and accidents.

And so, if this study is correct, then I can use the slogan that is the title of this post to promote my future trips. Come with me to Israel and the West Bank, and be safer than you would be if you didn’t!

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