It’s OK to Change Your Mind

It’s OK to Change Your Mind March 5, 2016

Doubts and questions, and changes of mind John Pavlovitz

The quote in the image above is just one small excerpt from a post by John Pavlovitz which explores the reasons why Christians often feel like they should not change their mind, and then when they feel they must, fear what those around them will think. It is worth reading the whole thing. Here’s another sample, in case it takes more to persuade you to click through:

I need to be clear, that although my brothers and sisters in faith and the church dynamic itself were contributing factors in me keeping quiet, I am still mostly to blame. For as much pressure as I felt not to speak, I was fully complicit in the conspiracy by succumbing to that pressure. Though it came with great regret and sadness, ultimately I chose my silence.

That’s how this all works. That’s how the system turns toxic and nurtures the masquerade.

The very same beautiful sense of belonging and shared purpose that binds people together in the Church and makes them feel incredible affinity for one another, is often what perpetuates the charade of immoveable faith that so many are burdened with. 

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