The Trouble with Transporters

The Trouble with Transporters March 15, 2016

The above video about the philosophical and moral questions involved in using the transporter on Star Trek. These are precisely the kinds of issues that I discuss in my forthcoming book Theology and Science Fiction. I will be submitting the final manuscript today, and so that is as good an excuse as any to not write something more substantive. But I did want to mark the occasion. I’ve written a lot of shorter pieces about theology and science fiction in the past, and have edited or co-edited two volumes related to this area. But this will be my first book on the topic that I’ve written just by myself, and I’m excited that it will be moving as of today from the stage of my writing the manuscript, into the next part of the process on the way to its appearance in print.

Of related interest, a book I have contributed to is apparently now available for Kindle, even though the print book will not be out until next month: The Ultimate Star Trek and Philosophy: The Search for Socrates (in The Blackwell Philosophy and Pop Culture Series)

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