Chad Bauman, Blogger

Chad Bauman, Blogger April 5, 2016

My colleague at Butler, Chad Bauman, recently wrote a piece for Religion Dispatches, on the perception he has encountered among Hindus in India that “Americans hate Muslims, too.” Here’s a sample:

Still today, when I travel in India, Hindus presupposing my agreement frequently make off-handed and derogatory comments about their Muslim neighbors. For those concerned about the effectiveness of the United States’ advocacy for religious freedom around the world, the perception that “Americans hate Muslims, too” should be a matter of great concern.

Click through to read the rest.

Photo of India's largest mosque, by Eric Wienke
Photo of India’s largest mosque, by Eric Wienke


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  • Horseman Bree

    It is quite obvious to outsiders that a significant (maybe not majority) portion of Americans think that religious freedom is actually the freedom to demean or even attack anyone who doesn’t subscribe to the “right” form of religion – and that they get to define what is “right”. Even the atheists seem to demand that their form of religion is a competitive venture. Just think of the New Hampshire license plate motto: “Live Free or Die”, which gives me the creeps. Some fat guy with a gun demanding that I should be “free” to be just like him, and no other way? Pretty f***ed up way to be free. What happened to actual freedom?

    • arcseconds

      I’m pretty sure ‘live free or die’ is supposed to be a statement that applies to oneself. The person with the bumper sticker is saying that they only take themselves to have two options: freedom or death.

      But perhaps you’re aware of this and you’re just making a bitter joke?