Easy Mistake to Make

Easy Mistake to Make May 12, 2016


Hemant Mehta shared the above correction that appeared recently in the New York Times.

Any theories about how such an error came about?


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  • John MacDonald

    Maybe the writer of the article had a list of Snapchat names and accidentally picked the wrong one.

  • histrogeek

    Maybe a placeholder that made it into the final draft.
    If so, it raises the next question of why put a non-obvious placeholder in any draft? Was the author’s “x” key broken that day?

  • Michael Wilson

    I think someone in the editing team used a joke place holder. How much we should take this as a statement I don’t know. Clearly is an anti Islamic slur, but perhaps an app way of describing someone who distorts good teaching about paradise for gain.

  • Must’ve mixed up his Snapchat name with his Grindr name.

  • On a video advertising Suhaib’s new snapchat presence, he makes a joke in one section that his handle will be “Pimpin4Paradise786”. Apparently the NYTimes writer took the joke seriously.

    This mashable post explains: