Make America Great Britain Again

Make America Great Britain Again May 16, 2016

Make America Great Britain Again

I wanted to share the above anyway, just for laughs. But I think it makes a nice pairing with a point that John Pavlovitz made today, about the fact that America is not undergoing worse moral decline than in the past. Here is an excerpt from his post:

America is not in decline any more than at any time in its history. This is just lazy religious-speak that seeks to paint the picture of everything being terrible so it can name drop the “Last Days” and leverage the ensuing fear such language invariably creates in suggestible God-fearing folk.

Click through to read more. Randal Rauser also posted today on the same topic, highlighting how the high school experience in particular has changed, and concluding that “By many measures (indeed, I’d say by most measures) the western world is a far more civil and humane place today than it was thirty years ago.”

Life always faces challenges. And the instinct is often to go back to an idealized past. But the past was never as unchanging or as safe as we are prone to mythologize it as having been.


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