Old Jaffa

Old Jaffa May 31, 2016
2016-05-31 18.53.41

Almost everyone made it to Israel and one last straggler will be here soon. We visited Joppa before going to our hotel in Tel Aviv. Joppa is known to many from Jonah and Acts in the Bible, and/or from the story of Andromeda in Greek myth.


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  • arcseconds

    ‘Almost everyone made it to Israel’ sounded as though you were being very blithe about attrition, as usually it’s considered a problem if even one person fails to even get to the starting block.

    “it’s the start of our trip and most people got here! Much better than last year where two people forgot their passports, one person got horribly sick, another was arrested on entry to Israel and one disappeared altogether. I’m very hopeful that at least half will return unscathed! On with the show!”

    • It wasn’t anything like that. I was a bit annoyed that the students on one of the itineraries didn’t keep an eye out for one another better. One of them fell asleep in the gate area in Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris with earbuds in and missed the last leg of the trip and had to get the next flight. I was trying to be honest but succinct, and should have explained the details more.

      • arcseconds

        Oh, I got a better picture from the second half of the sentence 🙂

        I just thought it was a funny notion, a trip organizer who thinks it’s going great if most of the travellers continue at every stage of the journey, and I should have made it more clear I was joking and understood the actual scenario 🙂

        • Sorry – it is 5:14 am and as might be expected, I didn’t sleep as much as I would ideally have liked to. Once I see one more at breakfast this morning than was at dinner last night, I hope I will be more appreciative of jokes on this topic! 🙂

  • The world’s best hummus is about a 10 minute walk from where you took that picture. I mean, if you’d walked the 10 minutes, you might not even remember the rest of the trip, that’s how good that hummus is.

  • Looks like so much fun! Thanks for not forgetting us.