Star Wars’ Influence on Culture

Star Wars’ Influence on Culture May 4, 2016

One more for Star Wars Day: Indianapolis local Jason Eberl, professor of philosophy at Marian University and well-known to many as an editor of a series of books on philosophy and popular culture, recently appeared on WGN Radio talking about the influence of Star Wars on culture. Have a listen via the link below!

Star Wars Influence on Culture

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  • John MacDonald

    I like the scene from episode 2 where Padme and Anakin are debating about democracy and Padme says that often things can’t get done because people disagree. Anakin’s response is that maybe they should be “made to agree.” So often in American politics we see gridlock because politicians robotically vote according to their party allegiances or whatever liberal or conservative bias they have. Political positions, such as on the abortion debate, don’t ultimately rest on logic, but on a logical edifice that has been erected on whatever biases you have. That’s why positions on a debate ultimately rest on whether you subjectively “like it” or not.

    • John MacDonald

      As Derrida pointed out, the fact that your point of view is “obvious” to you is not evidence of your position’s “truth.” Experiencing “obviousness” in relation to a position just means you are in “the psychological state of certainty,” which has nothing to do with whether your position is true or not. We have all been “certain” about things that we later changed our minds about.