A Baptist Approach to Science Fiction

A Baptist Approach to Science Fiction June 8, 2016

Choose your own franchise

I saw the above meme on Facebook, and was struck by several aspects of it. First, the treatment of allegiance to sci-fi franchises as comparable to religion caught my attention. And then I started thinking about this “Baptist” approach which emphasizes that adherence is a choice that one should make when one is able to decide for oneself, and should not be imposed by parents or others.

But then I also found myself reflecting on the fact that one does not have to choose. And in the domain of religion as well, eclecticism has always been present. Despite what you may hear, it is possible to be “religiously bilingual.” Soon I will blog about whether a Muslim can be a Christian. Perhaps the fact that one can be a Trekkie and a Jedi at the same time will provide a useful analogy when I get to that topic…


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