Church of the Beatitudes (No Guns, Please)

Church of the Beatitudes (No Guns, Please) June 3, 2016

I was really struck by the juxtaposition of two signs on the site of the Church of the Beatitudes:

 image image

“Blessed are the Peacemakers” is one of the beatitudes. Most of the people who visit the site are Christian pilgrims. Isn’t it jarring – even to gun-loving American Christians – that visitors to the site need to be told not to bring weapons that are antithetical to peacemaking to the site?

I heard a sermon recently which emphasized the difference between “peacekeepers” (a euphemism for using violence or the threat thereof to protect the status quo and maintain stability for the advantage of those who benefit from the present system) and “peacemakers” (which often involves addressing the very injustices that lead to the division between haves and have nots, and then the former using gun-weilding security of various sorts to protect their interests).

Many Christians need to hear afresh the challenging teaching of Jesus. And through its irony, I think the signs at the Church of the Beatitudes help convey this point.


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  • I have noticed in your posted photos, that newer signs have been placed in the venues. Previous ones were sometimes confusing and comical to say the least. “Do not write on the walls,” hanging over graffiti seems to encourage some vandalism. Thank you for posting these images and stories.

  • John MacDonald

    “No crosses allowed! Jesus has issues.”

  • Jeff Carter

    to further the irony – the church of the beatitudes, emblazoned with “blessed are the peacemakers” was funded by Benito Mussolini.

  • King Jaffa

    I wish the US government had more gun control on federal agents rather than US citizens. I do not think that more gun control in the US will make us any safer than we already are.

    It’s amazing that our current administration wants to place more restrictions on individuals and yet they ignore the fact that they kill more people overseas near Israel with Drones, Airstrikes, Bombs,etc….

  • mspeabooks

    “Contemplation of a future flourishing society made up of submissive citizens is challenging to contemporary Americans. Perhaps that is an indicator of how much distance exists between the values of The Beatitudes and our civilization.”

    Excerpt From: Mike Stair. “Be Attitudinal.” iBooks.