Celebrating America’s Brexit

Celebrating America’s Brexit July 4, 2016


Roger Wolsey shared the cartoon above. In my Sunday school class yesterday, I found myself pondering the question of how faith and patriotism relate to one another.  The matter is not as simple even as my own American Baptist tradition might seem to make it by advocating separation. I do think that “separation of church and state” is the best approach. But surely that doesn’t mean that Christians and other religious people ought not to discuss and participate in the political life of the nation. And so how to do that in a way that protects religious freedom can still be challenging.

It is interesting to reflect on our celebration of the Declaration of Independence made by the American colonies in relation to Britain, even as Britain has declared its independence from the European Union. Has anyone else noticed the odd juxtaposition and offered some thoughts on what we might learn by considering the two together?

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