Defaulting to Disqus

Defaulting to Disqus July 12, 2016

The World Table commenting system never really caught on here, and so I asked Patheos to switch the default commenting system back to Disqus, where most of the discussion here has continued to take place. I hope this change makes it easier for you to comment!

Other changes are coming to the blog soon too…

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  • John MacDonald

    It was nice when the “Recent Comments” box on the right side of the screen was “Disqus,” not “The World Table” as it is now.

    • John MacDonald

      Disqus just took over the “Recent Comments” box (yay), but the comments listed don’t appear to be from this blog (boo).

      • John MacDonald

        Everything’s fixed now. Hooray!

  • Thanks for that change.

    I look at “World Table”, but there are rarely any comments there. And I once gave it a try, but it did not like the browser that I was using. So I’m happy to see Disqus as the featured comment medium.

  • charlesburchfield

    Thanks for taking world table off the table! €=-)

  • guest

    Cool, I prefer Disquis because it allows guest comments. Love your work, keep it up.

  • WayneMan

    Why do they never seem to be in sync. If I look at a discussion through Patheos, some of my comments are there, some are not. If I look from Disqus, other of my comments may or may not show up. The only place I can see all of my comments is from my Disqus Home page, but then it is just my comments, out of context of the discussion. This is very frustrating.

  • Good change, thanks.